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 Winsunem  attracts fans style embroidery lace Trimming .Underwear, wedding dress, skirt, children's wear, curtains, sofa decoration.This is the most popular eyelash wrap;Add 3 kinds of artistic conception wonderful the side of half curved half arc, half wraps this unique 3 leaf to be heart 7 leaf to be petal flower, the handle of this much 3 leaf heart flower is like the woman's graceful and graceful figure to flutter in the wind.The reason for the three kinds of semi-curved and semi-arched edges is precisely from the philosophical thought of "one life two, two lives three, three lives all things" in (Tao Te Ching) the king of all classics created by the founder of Chinese Taoism.On the whole, it is like the dancing of the heart of the three leaves floating out of the dust to drive the dancing of all flowers behind.As if to have a reputation Winsunem attracts fans style embroidery lace Trimming of people to bring the leadership of the aura and powder suction charm;To manicure shop, beauty salon and bring a

The following is the first processes machine production。 the other two machines are: multi-head embroidery machine and sample machine, and there is a second process professional cutting yarn.The multi-head embroidery machine produced by this machine adopts 1. Computer: to ensure the accuracy and modernization of our Winsunemb embroidery products2. The production speed you see: 1000 RPM, 3.  Embroidery width: 400*450mm4. The machine integrates flat embroidery and ready-to-wear embroidery5. Number of stitches: 12. Greatly improve our Winsunemb productivity, to provide a stable source of goods for Winsunemb customers .6. The upper thread assembly is protected by the thread tube, making the embroidery more smooth and free from external interference7. Automatic color change during embroidery can be realized according to the color configuration of patterns. We improve the color embroidery drive precision, improve the quality of color embroidery10. The machine has a built-in USB interface, which can read the USB d

Enchanting name plum embroidery Lingerie lace trimming (South Chesapeake iljimae), the soft and comfortable, the Environment protection. The Cultured sexy.21cm The total width is 21 inside and The designing part is 15 inside.although this design has a total of five flowers,And one of the largest is the gold thread and black thread embroidered into the flower, the proportion of the picture is more than two-thirds, both the atmosphere has a sense of luxury.Another 4 it is the plum flower that takes red in the heart, among them one branch plum flower is 5 petal more complete,A beautiful woman white in the face that shows red that one in red cheek, make the central point of the picture,Order product details onThe website Https://

Surrounded by love mermaid single-wave embroidery lace 21 cm, 100% polyester, underwear, wedding dresses, gifts, decorative lace.Lovely and elegant fancy pattern, because it is composed of a variety of elements of fancy, constitute different beauty, some sexy elements linked up from the top to the bottom to send out a charming breath, some oval contains a mermaid like pattern, in the mermaid's tail seems to be inlaid with the heart of the jewel, full of the light of love.In addition, some seemingly small edges are decorated around the happy mermaid, which not only brings endless imagination and beauty, but also sustains the blessing of love.Here to show you is love encircled by the color of mermaid lace is the fresh and elegant professor green and lavender;Black sexy charm;And the sweetness of pink;We honor the color is surrounded by love mermaid single wave embroidery lace can do different colors, can according to your mood or customer needs, do personalized customization and production.Please visit our webs

Some embroideries product craft is quite fine, in order to avoid to have broken hole and blow a flower, embroider fills division to be able to check many times not only, embroider is filled when need embroider to fill so that do not see the trace that has embroider to fill!"Here is the perfect embroidery for you.Embroider fills a division to let traditional handicraft and modern machine photograph are united in wedlock, can wear a needle quickly in less than a second time, knot, if cannot conceal really, embroider corresponding design above, make its collocation goes up integral style, reduce the loss to the lowest, the Winsunemb embroidery that lets you receive finally is the beauty in your ideal.

Winsunemb Ivory white single hook much leaf small sexy flower lace embroidery trimmings edge. In fact, it is composed of two flowers, two leaves, petals are love pattern, but one of the five petals, while the other is a single petal two small hooks.100% polyester chemical laceSuitable for a temperament or expectations of the crowd: 1 is a clear priority, organized people.2 elegant and dignified appearance, can contain timely small sexy.3. Good interpersonal and interpersonal skills.First date, wedding, victory party, first business meeting.For companies, beauty salons, senior clubs and fashion women's clothing stores, the single hook and multi-leaf flower can attract and retain customers.In the management of convenience can play a "one center" of the management concept of the reminder, let the work into a simple, everything is smooth.

Winsunemb Round rose Embroidery Lace Trimming 100% polyester 5cm wide rose embroidery lace ivory color chemical lace wedding dress decoration French lace edge.Winsunemb Round rose embroidery lace borders are narrow strips of lace used to decorate fashion or underwear, bedding, DIY or other items.From guangzhou Winsunemb textile co., LTD., to the highest consistency, accuracy and ethics to provide value protection for customers.The style that basically shows: melting and lovely, sunshine warmth style.Possible effects: age reduction (making the person or object look less than 5 years old or so);Relative ease atmosphere ease pressure, relax mood.Suitable places: milk tea shop, girls clothing shop and children's wear shop, wedding dress shop.Beauty parlors, nail salons, boutiques, cute themed hotels and restaurants, psychological clinics and other places to relieve stress, children's playgrounds, etc.Our brand is at the heart of everything we do.We focus on serving our customers in every detail.

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