We Also Provide ODM Service

Production Process


Our production managers guide you through the process, help you at every step and regularly give you updates about the progress.

The information below give you a general overview about the ODM orders manufacturing process.


1. Let’s get in Contact!

Please send us a message through the contact form below to give us a short overview about your project.

Let us know, if you have any questions. A production manager will get back to you soon!

2. Your Designs

We work based on spec sheets (tech packs) or samples from you. You are also welcome to send us fabric swatches.

Based on your design information, we will provide a quotation, so that you know about the costs from the beginning on.

3. Sample Production

For every style you want to order, we will produce a production sample. As soon as the samples are ready

(usually within two weeks), we will first send you pictures and then the physical samples,

so that you can check that every detail is correctly.

4. Bulk Production

Once you confirmed the order we can start with the bulk production. It usually takes 15-30 days, but may

vary based on the order volume. Your production manager will confirm the time frame with you before

we start with the production.


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